Myths and Facts about the Blue Pill

the Blue Pill

The accidental discovery of ‘The Blue Pill’ or kamagra in the 1990s was probably the best thing to happen to men suffering from erectile dysfunction. This drug has emerged as a highly effective solution for erectile dysfunction as it enhances blood circulation in the body helps men in forming and maintaining erection. This results in improved sexual performance and hence the Blue Pill or kamagra has become extremely popular across the world.

Although the blue bill and its uses are known to most people there are numerous myths associated with it. Here we discuss some of the common myths about the Blue Pill and find out their validity.

Myth- After Consuming The Blue Pill You Have A Permanent Erection Till The Effect Of The Pill Lasts.

Fact- Kamagra doesn’t give a permanent erection. It only improves your body’s ability to achieve and maintain erection. So, even after consuming this drug you need stimulation to get an erection.

People tend to believe that kamagra miraculously improves their sexual life. But the truth is that the kamagra only improves your body’s response to sexual stimulation.

Myth- This erectile drug Functions At The First Time Or Never-

It is common to encounter no positive result after consuming the Blue Pill for the first time. But that doesn’t mean that the result will be the same during the next time as well.

Infact several men start getting positive results after consuming this erectile drug for some duration. Even doctors recommend using Kamagra for at least a few times before switching on to other form of medication.

Myth- This drug is A Protection Against Sexually Transmitted Diseases-

Not at all. Kamagra offers absolutely no protection against any form of STDs. It is only a cure for erectile dysfunction and has no control over other aspects of sexual intercourse.

Hence you should take proper precaution while indulging in sexual intercourse.

Myth- The Blue Pill’s Effect Is Seen Instantly-

Some men consume this erectile drug and expect instant results. This won’t happen as it takes time to create an impact on the body.

Generally it takes about half an hour for kamagra to create its effect. To be on the safer side, it is advisable to consume the pill one hour before the sexual intercourse.

Myth- The Effect Of Blue Pills Increases If you Increase Its Quantity-

No. The effectiveness of kamagra has nothing to do with its quantity. You shouldn’t be taking more than one pill at a time as the second pill will technically have no impact on your body.

Myth- The Blue Pill Has No Side Effects-

Kamagra or the Blue Pill works wonders for keeping erectile dysfunction at bay. But it should be consumed with caution.

This erectile drug has plenty of side-effects and hence its dosage should be monitored. Feeling dizziness and headache are common side effects of this pill while some men complain about dry mouth, vomiting and abdominal pain. In very rare cases prolonged erection and sudden loss of hearing have been reported.

But all these side effects can be avoided if the pill is taken judiciously.

Myth- The Blue Pill Has Adverse Effect On Fertility-

Fact- Kamagra creates no sperm damage. Infact it can create a positive impact on fertility as it enhances sexual intercourse.


The Blue Pill or kamagra has changed lives of numerous men by enhancing their sexual life.  The benefits of kamagra are immense but the need of the hour is to eliminate all the myths circulating about it so that more men are able to defeat erectile dysfunction.

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