Common Myths and Facts about Erectile Dysfunction

A discussion about ‘What is erectile dysfunction (ED)’ will most probably result in silence as most men avoid discussing this issue. But interestingly it is a condition most men face as they age. In fact every second man between the ages 40 to 70 faces this issue.

Then why the silence while discussing it?

The reason lies in our society’s views about masculinity. Ability to perform sexual intercourse is seen as a test of masculinity. Men who do not perform for a long period in bed are looked down and are seen as ‘not man enough’.  Hence, most men feel shy to talk about ED .

The lack of discussion on this topic has led to creation of numerous myths. Here we discuss some common myths and facts about erectile dysfunction. But before that let us understand what is ED?

What is erectile dysfunction?

In common terms, ED is a condition when men are unable to achieve or maintain erection of penis during sexual intercourse.

Effective blood circulation to penis is necessary to form an erection. But due to clogging of arteries and other issues, there are hindrances in blood flow towards penis. This leads to inability to form or maintain erection.

Myth: Erectile dysfunction is only faced by old men.

Fact: Chances of facing erectile dysfunction increase with age. ED is more common among old men but that doesn’t mean that younger men are immune to erectile dysfunction.

Infact owing to the modern lifestyle that features stress, increased consumption of alcohol, junk food and lack of exercise, younger men have become more prone to erectile dysfunction.

There is a steep increase in the cases of erectile dysfunction among young men across the world and unfortunately this trend is set to continue in the upcoming years. Hence younger men should understand what it is and what are its symptoms.

Myth: Erectile dysfunction is painful but it isn’t a big deal.

Fact: People have little idea about what is erectile dysfunction. Hence these kinds of myths emerge. It affects sexual life and leads to serious mental issues such as depression.

Apart from it, it can be an early sign of other serious body disorders such as heart problems and diabetes.

Hence, when you encounter the symptoms, it is advisable to see a doctor and get a check-up. This helps in identifying the root cause of the problem and also in knowing about any other illness which requires immediate medical attention.

Myth: Troubles in forming erection are due to lack of interest in partner.

Fact: Lack of interest in partner may be one of the reasons for failure to get an erection. But as discussed earlier there are physiological reasons behind it as well.

People facing diabetes, hypertension, Parkinson’s disease, and heart problems have more chances of facing troubles in getting erection.

Myth: Erectile dysfunction is not completely curable.

Facts: Thanks to advancement in medicines, erectile dysfunction can be cured completely.

There are several drugs and medicines available that help in curing erectile dysfunction. Medicines from Dr. Kamagra are infact a reliable and useful solution for treating erectile dysfunction.  Dr. Kamagra has plethora of medicines which cure male dysfunction. You can browse through their drugs and order online the most appropriate drug or medicine.

Myth: Erectile dysfunction treatment is time-consuming and needs numerous visits to doctors.

Facts: In some cases erectile treatment does consume a lot of time but most men see positive results very soon.

Its treatment is all about pumping adequate amount of blood to penis so that it stays erect during sexual intercourse. Fortunately medicines and drugs such as Dr. Kamagra are successful in improving blood circulation very quickly. Hence men start getting results soon after starting consuming medicines.


Erectile dysfunction is a very common issue faced by men and it can be cured easily. But it is important that people understand what it is? And discuss it openly so that there are no myths about it.

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