Ten Tips to Enjoy Stronger Erections

Stronger Erections

Having stronger erections isn’t a rocket science but it isn’t a cakewalk either.

You can easily strengthen your erection by changing your lifestyle and performing certain activities. Wondering how? Then here is a detailed guide that shows how you can experience a stronger erection with the help of ten tips.

  1. Stay away from alcohol and smoking-

Cigarettes contain toxins that can damage your blood vessels. This results in disrupted blood flow to penis which in turn results in failure to maintain erection for a longer period of time. On the other hand, alcohol affects your nervous system. So, it’s advisable to control your alcohol consumption to have stronger erections.

  1. Sweat it out-

Cardio is the cheat code for achieving stronger erection. Make aerobic exercises a part of your daily routine. These exercises maintain blood vessel health and eliminate risk of atherosclerosis.

  1. Have healthy BMI-

Body fat converts testosterone into oestrogen which results in weakening of erection. Get rid of excess body fat and maintain a healthy BMI and you are sure to experience stronger erections.

  1. Embrace dark berries-

Include foods in your diet that improve blood circulation so that penis receives enough blood to maintain strong erections.

Dark berries such as blueberries are great source anthocyanins, an anti-oxidant that decreases levels of free radicals and boost penile blood flow.

  1. Shield yourself from underlying health conditions-

Several health conditions are known to create long term vascular damage which results in weakening the erection of penis. Hence, to ensure you have strong erection, it is important to shield your body from such health conditions.

Health conditions such as increased cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes result in conditions such as erectile dysfunction.

  1. Control stress-

It is an established fact that men who are facing stress often struggle to form or maintain erection. This is due to their inability to focus on erection during sexual intercourse.

Stress affects mental well-being of an individual and hence it should be controlled.

  1. Seek help from medications and drugs-

Consuming medicines and drugs is another effective way of enjoying stronger erection apart from changing your lifestyle and performing certain activities.

Dr. Kamagra offers a wide set of drugs and medicines that enhances erections and helps in improving sexual life. These drugs and medicines can be ordered online.

  1. Deal with relationship issues-

Erectile dysfunction can also be a result of relationship issues. If you are having strained relationship with your partner then you are sure to have difficulties in maintaining erection.

A healthy and relaxed relationship will allow you to enjoy the act more and will automatically result in stronger erections.

  1. Overcome anxiety and depression-

Men facing depression and anxiety issues either lack sexual desire or fail to enjoy the act.

If you face such issues, it is advisable to address them as soon as possible. You can take medicines or can have therapies to overcome these problems.

  1. Have ample sleep

Sleep and sex are related to each other in more than one ways.

Not having enough sleep negatively affects the hormones that control sex drive and sexual potency. Hence, you should focus on getting at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day.

Good sleep keeps your body in good shape results in smooth working of all body functions. It keeps you rejuvenated and stress-free. Thus you remain fresh and energetic for longer period of time and are able to form stronger erections.


Executing the above mentioned ten tips will surely result in stronger erection and enhanced sexual life. So, get set and let the tower rise higher and higher!

One thought on “Ten Tips to Enjoy Stronger Erections

  1. Rassie Venter says:

    I use to take half a pill got fairly hard erection now a 100 to120mg gets me a erection not hard but I lose is very quickly, do you have any advise, in the beginning 20mg cialis i could have sex tree days in a row with hard erection. What can I use I have tried the, but did find that the cheaper green Kamagra work better than the rest.
    I now think of using your Kamagra everesent dont want to spend money on whole packed an it does not work, please help.

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