Erectile dysfunction treatment reviews

Impotence otherwise called the erectile dysfunction is a condition which is characterized with problem in maintaining erection during sexual performance. This reduces sexual desire and even increases stress in life. There are many ways to take on for a better livelihood with best of erectile dysfunction treatment.

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction have a reduced sexual desire, trouble in erection during sex and even feel troubled while keeping an erection.

Natural remedies for erectile dysfunction:-

As per reviews on remedies for erectile dysfunction treatment, these include;-

Consumption of L- arginine which improves erectile dysfunction with helping blood vessels gets wide and improves blood flow to penis. But it must be consumed after proper diagnosis and doctor consultation because the erectile dysfunction treatment must be done properly to provide the best to the suffers. The side effects of L- arginine are liable to occur if taken over dose. These include cramps, diarrhea and nausea. More over it must not be taken with Viagra.

It is also seen that propionyl –L- carnitine when combined with Viagra improves the function of penis relating to erection and is safer in comparison to any other medication.

The DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone increases libido in case of women as well as have a positive effect on men. This appears to be safe at quite a low dosage just might cause acne.

Coming down to another kind of medication called ginkgo which is responsible for increasing blood flow to the penis and could improve sexual desire as well as erectile dysfunction. The supplement is going to increase the bleeding. Mostly people consume this as a blood thinner so it is recommended to be consumed by consulting doctor when it’s about the erectile dysfunction treatment.

Apart from the above, one can also consult the doctor for consuming with drugs like stendra, Viagra, cialis and levitra.

Some important things to remember:-

For those suffering from the disorder and are under erectile dysfunction treatment need to share their health history to the doctor which would help the doctor understand the situation and would counter the disorder. Other than normal history even the patient need to share the sexual history with the doctor that would help the doctor understands the situation properly. The doctor further council the patient with a lot number of question that would help understands the changes in the body both psychologically and hormonally.

Diagnostic tests:-

To identify the disorder and generate a proper erectile dysfunction treatment, there are a lot of diagnostic tests being generated. These are likely the tests done with the body fluids which are:

  • Blood tests which includes taking sample of blood to check out the components of blood. This is done to check the complication relating to cardiac disorders, kidney diseases, and testosterone level and sugar issues.
  • Secondly the urine tests that screen for diabetes and other health problem which might be leading to the disorder.
  • Ultrasound is performed with the device held over the blood vessels that supply the blood to the penis. This test determines the problems in the blood flow. This proceeds with injection held over the blood vessels which is supplied to the penis. This creates a video which helps the doctor look into the system if the blood flow is perfect or not.
  • The physiological examination is a kind of counseling done by the doctor where the doctor talks to the patient and screens outpatient for depression and other possible psychological causes to the erectile dysfunctioning.

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