Causes of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in men characterized by inability to achieve or maintain an erection during sex. This condition is common among men but only few are bold enough to speak about the causes of erectile dysfunction and other aspects about it.

The society associates masculinity with a man’s ability to perform in the bed. Hence, fearing embarrassment, several men feel uncomfortable to talk about erectile dysfunction.

A study by Merck Manual revealed that about 50% of men between the ages 40 to 70 have some erectile dysfunction at some occasion in their life.

ED severely affects sexual life and it also takes a heavy toll on mental health. Men facing erectile dysfunction have low self-esteem and they even go into depression. Hence, it is necessary to fight erectile dysfunction quickly.

There are various factors that cause erectile dysfunction.  Here we discuss the frequent causes of erectile dysfunction.

  1. Endocrine diseases-

Endocrine system of human body is instrumental in regulating mood, sexual function and metabolism through production of hormones.

Certain endocrine diseases affect production of hormones and it results in disrupting the natural functioning of certain body activities.

Endocrine disease such as diabetes is known to severely affect penis sensation. It results in affecting blood flow to penis. Hence, people with diabetes often struggle to maintain erection for a prolonged period.

High blood sugar levels also hamper human body’s ability to transfer sexual arousal into erection.

  1. Heart Disease- Men affected by heart diseases have more chances of facing erectile dysfunction.

Coronary heart diseases result in blockages in arteries. This negatively affects the blood circulation to penis. As arteries are blocked, enough blood doesn’t reach to the penis and hence it is difficult to maintain erection.

  1. Neurological disorders-

Disorders such as temporal lobe epilepsy, stroke and spinal tumours affect the functioning of nerves which work as a medium of communication between brain and reproductive system.

This prevents men from achieving erection. Neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease are known to damage the nerves as well.

  1. Taking certain drugs and medicines-

Consuming some drugs or medicines can affect body’ natural functioning and it can lead to inability in maintaining erection.

Chemotherapy medicines that are used for treating cancer such as cimetidine affects blood flow in body. This results in reduction of supply of blood to penis and prevents erection.

Consumption of drugs such as cocaine affects stamina and core strength. Cocaine abuse makes a person weak. Such people find it difficult to maintain an erection as they lack the core strength.

  1. Psychological reasons, stress-

Achieving an erection requires a person to be sexually excited. But if the person is stressed or is going through depression, he would find it difficult to get excited. This results in inability to maintain erection.

People who fail to achieve or maintain erection in the past fear that they will fail in the future as well. This fear is called as performance anxiety. This fear too plays a significant role in preventing men from achieving erection.



The causes discussed above are some of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction. Apart from these causes there are other factors as well that lead to erectile dysfunction.

There are number of ways to cure erectile dysfunction. After skimming through causes of erectile dysfunction, you would realise that a healthy lifestyle featuring nutritious diet, ample sleep and adequate exercise works wonders in the battle against ED.

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