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Men have a carnal instinct towards anything sexual and yes, no man can deny a certain sense of pride when it comes to his manhood – being well endowed is a boost. Sex drive, pleasure, libido and to stay erect are of paramount interest and areas for a man to find the need to excel. To stay erect is especially important when a man is in a sexual state – and therefore, extremely important to a man to be able to experience a heightened state of arousal.

The science behind an erection:

Of the many definitions and scientific analogies drawn on understanding a male erection, the most placid way of putting this across is that when a man faces an arousing circumstance, his arteries around the penis relax and blood simply collects filling two paired cylinders called corpora cavernosa, which is trapped and makes the penis grow fuller – thus he is able to stay erect. It is important to understand that stimulation is enough to get this action into play. This phenomenon of the human makeup of a male has made scientists all around the world go back and forth to understand the dynamics of this function. After eons of study and research, it has finally been discovered that the penis is much like a sponge. Once the muscles in the penis contract and allow the intake of blood to stop the erection subsides – of course, all of this happens in the brain when there is a given sexual stimulus.

Why is an erection important?

Have you ever thought about the evolution of mankind itself? Well, it is the basis of the most human tendency for a man to face an erection when presented with any form of sexual stimuli. While this is a common occurrence to most men, some face issues with the onset of certain diseases, growing older, accidents, stress, anxiety and sometimes even mental health can tamper this facet in a man, and make it rather impossible for him to stay erect. While we have now established the fact that men take a great pride in not only being well endowed but to be able to perform or have an erection and to stay erect, it is important to know that the lack of this can bring on more complexities in a man psyche and physical health. Many companies are focused on ensuring men are able to deal with erectile dysfunctions, or premature ejaculation or the lack of being able to be erect for a number of causes.

Drugs to stay erect:

Drugs are introduced ever so often to battle this cause, some are herbal and others not. The fact is that the industry thrives because there is such a need in the market. Of course, taking drugs does away with the many tests and doctors visit that otherwise tend to have a rough toll on men, especially with an already bruised knowledge of not being able to perform, or from not being able to stay erect. Many men resort to taking drugs to cope with these hassles. Kamagra is an exceptionally popular drug that is herbal and has proven to be beneficial to several men

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