ED Treatment

To experience a lack of an erection sporadically does not make a significant impact on a man’s well being, however, the inability to experience an erection at any given sexual incentive, is a major cause of concern. The world is changing and while in most cases change is a welcome aspect, unfortunately, for most adults, this comes with a lot of baggage. Erectile dysfunction can happen because of numerous factors, some avoidable and some unavoidable. Whatever be the reason it causes a change in bodily functionality and this can hamper the well being of a man. Science and research has progressed enough to aid in many wonderful ED treatment options being made available today.


We will explore below how science, research, and knowledge of this problem can be treated and understood better. It is common knowledge that when a man faces this issue the first thing to establish is the fact that he actually has ED and this can be diagnosed and treated by a Urologist. There is a relief, however, in the fact that all forms of ED are treatable and can be cured.


The most significant form of ED treatment is to access the lifestyle of the man who is undergoing this issue. Smoking, drinking, drugs, stress, anxiety, unhealthy eating habits, lack of sleep and many more factors have to be looked into. It is only then that there will be other solutions and options recommended. The first kind of Ed treatment resorted to is the non-surgical kind, such as:




It is common knowledge that pills are one of the most preferred treatments for ED. They are easily accessible and show great long lasting results. Pills act as phosphor-diesterase inhibitors and relax the arteries to increase the blood flow. This, in turn, will allow a man to experience an erection. However, sometimes pills come with certain side effects that can include nausea, running noses and coughs, body pain and aches, headaches and the like. But, there is also an alternative to the same where a man can choose herb based pills like the ones offered by Kamagra. It is also seen that men with chronic diabetes and prostate cancer will not respond favourably to pills, hence what will be looked at next are the pumps or external devices.


Pumps and External devices


Pumps or VED’s are the next best bet when it comes to treating ED. There are plenty of options in the market and the instructions are fairly simple. The function of a pump is to create penile blood engorgement, this happens by a pump that aids in creating negative pressure and constriction rings with the help of the vacuum chamber. This is mostly used for when men have severe diabetes or severe injuries to the spinal cord among other conditions.


Penile Injection Therapy


This form of ED treatment has been proven to be a good treatment as it results in erections that are predictable and it works on men with a range of health conditions. In this method, the penis is directly injected with the medication that will increase the blood flow and cause an erection. The only issue is getting this right, one must be very well aware of how to inject the medication.


To Summarize:


There are many other ED treatments which include surgical treatments and there are even the herbal treatments which are gaining momentum among men these days. Herb-based treatment like Panax Ginseng, Rhodiola Rosea, DHEA, Acupuncture, Yohimbe, and herb based pills are also brought about a significant relief and cure for ED. It is safe to say that whatever be the way to treat ED as long as the results are positive there is a cure.

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